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Dynamic Disc Aviator - Ultimate Disc

Dynamic Discs

SOLD OUT - Dynamic Disc Aviator - Ultimate Disc


Dynamic Discs now has an Ultimate Disc, they are all white discs (the colour refers to the stamp colour), here's what they have to say about it:

A disc in flight is a beautiful thing. A pinpoint pass to a sprinting teammate over the outstretched defender is magical. The Aviator looks to bring these highlights to your regular game. Specifically crafted to glide further and straighter, the Aviator will do both of these longer than any other disc on the market.

More Glide: With a slightly deeper rim, the Aviator will glide further and that depth provides more room for error when catching.

More Stability: Wind and power throws can compromise ideal flights. The Aviator was designed to be more stable to ensure a consistent flight in adverse conditions.

More Durable: Knowing that time is the enemy of all discs, this plastic was purposely chosen to last longer than every other disc available.

Weight: 175g

Tags: Ultimate

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