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About Us

The Disc Cellar is currently a small business based out of a home in Coquitlam, with frequent on location events (primarily at Disc Golf tournaments or clinics). The business is owned and run by David Cowley, a long time Disc Sports volunteer, founding coordinator of Burnaby Ultimate & Disc Sports, co-founder of the Burnaby Disc Golf Club, past volunteer with the BCDS (British Columbia Disc Sports society) variously as: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Ultimate Branch Chair and Disc Golf Branch Chair; previously Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) representative for BC.

The Beginning

The key thing for all Disc Sports is the right equipment. You can play soccer with a basketball, but at some point your enjoyment and development is limited because you're using the wrong equipment. For a number of years prior to actually starting the business, we maintained a small supply of Ultimate and Disc Golf discs so that people could have easy and local access to them.

Summer 2013

Bringing in discs for the Burnaby Club and for our 7th or 8th Discraft Ace Race, I just wasn't looking forward to brokerage fees, shipping or explaining at the border why I was importing 200 discs. It was time to take the plunge and get a business license to simplify the acquisition and importing of discs. The Disc Cellar was born from this somewhat impulsive decision.

The next few months involved a lot of paperwork and talking to many Disc Golf manufacturers to become an authorized retailer of their products. Not always an easy or straightforward process, but we got it done!

Fall 2013

Our major coming out party was our first giant Innova order, 3 pallets, literally over a tonne of Disc Golf stuff. Included in that order was 19 brand new Innova DISCatcher Pro baskets for the redesign and upgrading of the Passive Park Disc Golf Course in Langley by the Langley Disc Golf Club (LDGC). We donated one of those baskets to the course.

They were hosting the first of the Duck Golf series events that year, and it would be the launch of The Disc Cellar prize vouchers (since used in over 20 events and counting).

Status Quo

Since that launch, there's been a steady diet of events, with The Disc Cellar as a vendor, prize supplier, sponsor or all of the above. You can check out our main (non-store) website: for the blow by blow details. With the ongoing events, there's been an expansion in the products and vendors carried.

May 2015

Time to get online. Although there's been a website since the beginning, it hasn't been a sales channel for us until now. The real reason: inventory management. Imagine a car stuffed full with over 1,000 discs at a tournament, selling before the event, at lunch, after the event and fulfilling a frenzy of people with prize vouchers at the end. That 1,000 discs isn't our whole inventory, but it's a significant portion, and we can't be selling a disc online and a disc on location at the same time, or can we?

It seems that technology has caught up with our business need, where we'll be able to manage inventory in one place for both online and off-line sales, making it possible for us to confidently sell from the same inventory pool in both places without spending our entire lives counting and inventorying the same discs.

Who We Are

Primarily you'll be dealing with David Cowley the owner of The Disc Cellar, but you may also end up interacting with one of our Tournament Directors, Sponsored Players or volunteers.

Where Are We?

With the launch of the on-line store: everywhere. But that's probably not why you're asking this question. We're based out of our home in Coquilam (which is why we don't widely publish the address). If you want to stop in, we are open by appointment, which can include early mornings, midday, evenings, late night, weekends; bottom-line is we're pretty flexible with a little notice. As a general landmark, we're near the Poirier Sport & Leisure Complex.

If you can't come to us, we're frequently on location, sometimes at the various league, doubles or club nights run throughout the lower mainland. More frequently at tournaments, in particular the BCDS Duck Golf series. The on location stuff sometimes happens with short notice, but is generally announced on our main website, Twitter and Facebook, as well as the BCDS Tag Board.