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Discraft Nuke Z - Ezra Aderhold Tour Series 2021


SOLD OUT - Discraft Nuke Z - Ezra Aderhold Tour Series 2021


Pricing explanation: These discs are highly collectable and in very limited supply, these may be the only ones we get, and even if they aren't we have no idea how many more we'll get or when. These are priced expensive to discourage someone from buying them and flipping them in an auction or other resale markets. If supply stabalizes these discs will likely become cheaper at retail. MSRP is US$24.99.

The 2021 Tour Series discs feature the new Metallic Z plastic.

Longer drives are now as easy as pushing a button: NUKE™ delivers virtually effortless maximum distance for moderate to expert players. The wide, heavy rim and refined aerodynamic engineering give NUKE unparalleled velocity, while a 1.6 stability rating makes it more useful to a wider range of players. Seize the power!

Best For: Ultra Distance

Notable: Best Seller! Virtually effortless distance and suitable for most skill levels.

Speed: 13
Glide: 5
Turn: -1
Fade: 3
Discraft Stability rating: 1.6

Tags: Discraft Driver Ezra Aderhold Metallic Metallic Z Overstable Tour Series Translucent Z

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