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Discmania Evolution Tilt Meta - Creator Series 2021 - Simon Lizotte


SOLD OUT - Discmania Evolution Tilt Meta - Creator Series 2021 - Simon Lizotte


Pricing explanation: These discs are highly collectable and in very limited supply, we expect to receive no additional Tilts in 2021, and unclear if they will be available in 2022. These are priced expensive to discourage someone from buying them and flipping them in an auction or other resale markets. If supply stabalizes these discs will likely become cheaper at retail. MSRP is US$29.99. These will ship boxed.

Purchase limit: 2 discs on July 27th, unlimited starting July 28th.

Creator Series: Creator series is a special disc made exclusively in cooperation with our players. These are tailored and molded exactly to their specifications to create a true masterpiece that fits their game well. You can expect more of these to come in the future. This collection has been reserved for discs only at this point but we’ll always expand our horizons each chance we get with other products, too.

The Tilt is a disc like no other. Specifically designed to suit Simon Lizotte's needs, this disc has been coined the "Simon's dream disc". This is the most overstable golf disc in the market. It may not be overtly versatile, but you can be sure it always fades hard, making it probably the most dependable utility disc in the market. 

Molded in the stunning Meta plastic, this blend provides even more stability than our first teaser release of the Exo Tilt via Mystery Boxes in 2020 and the iridescent qualities of it allow for a truly unique user experience, displaying different colors depending on how you angle it in the light.

Tilt will allow you to execute shots that have never existed before and will become an extremely useful tool in your bag, no matter how you prefer to use it.

Speed: 9
Glide: 1
Turn: 1
Fade: 6

Discmania Evolution line is manufactured by Latitude 64.


Tags: Creator Series Discmania Discmania Evolution Latitude 64 Meta Midrange Opaque Overstable Simon Lizotte

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