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Discmania Active Magician - Premium


Discmania Active Magician - Premium


The Magician (formerly Fox Spirit) is the brand new fairway driver featured as a part of the Discmania Active lineup. The Magician is a stable fairway driver designed to give all players a fairway driver that can be trusted in all conditions. The Magician flies straight with minimal turn and a reliable fade at the end giving this disc a flight that can be trusted and repeated. The stability of the Magician allows it to be a great forehand approach disc in addition to its backhand capabilities. Rated at a speed 6, the Magician has a smaller rim that makes this disc comfortable for all hand sizes.

Active Premium plastic is much more durable than it's baseline counterpart. You can expect a longer life and your bag and plenty of options available when seasoning your disc exactly the way you like it.

*All Active Premium line discs come in three colors: Pink, Blue, and Yellow. Stamp color may differ from item pictured

Speed: 6
Glide: 4
Turn: 0
Fade: 2

Discs are not marked with a weight and are in the 165-175g range.

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