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MVP Fidget Spinner

MVP Disc Sports

SOLD OUT - MVP Fidget Spinner


When a trend outside disc golf gets people talking about spin time and gyro effect, MVP is sure to take notice.  The MVP Metal Gyro Spinner is made to bridge the gap between trend and GYROnaut — to satisfy those who crave that calming spin, and to help demonstrate the gyroscopic effect that makes GYRO™ overmolds hold their line.  These 58g spinners are machined from aluminum and spin for minutes on end.  Spinner colors include blue, gold, and black.  The center caps are engraved with an MVP Orbit logo and GYRO™ logo.  With their hefty construction the gyroscopic effect is quite pronounced — when spun up, the spinner will resist even slight changes in orientation.  The same physics that make the spinner resist slight turns in your hand are echoed in a flying GYRO™ disc, resisting wind and torques that can otherwise produce unpredictable shots, holding the disc in an efficient wing orientation for longer.

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