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Gateway Li'l Wizard - Evo

Gateway Disc Sports

SOLD OUT - Gateway Li'l Wizard - Evo


The Li'l Wizard (or little wizard) is a general purpose catch disc. It is not PDGA Approved for throwing during a round. It is approximately 17cm in diameter (which also means that exceeds the guidance on maximum size of a mini at 15cm, although for casual play no one will care, and probably not for serious play either).

Although it shares the name of Gateway's most popular putter, this disc does not share the profile or rim characteristics of the Wizard. It has a thinner and straighter rim, more similar to an Innova Polecat than a Wizard.

These ones are in their Evolution Polymer, which is a step above the regular S-Grip.

Tags: Catch Disc Evolution Kids Disc Large Mini On Sale

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