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BC Provincials 2015

Custom Stamp Glow Innova Inventory update Provincials 2015

Working with Michael Ramanauskas of Washline once again on a custom disc, this time the disc commemorates the 30th Anniversary of the BC Provincial Championship and 35 years of Disc Golf on Pender Island! We hope you like it.

Additionally, we've partnered with Innova, to bring you some of their most popular and hard to get models available only to events:

  • Coloured Glow Champion Tern
  • Coloured Glow Champion Thunderbird
  • Champion Metal Flake Tern
  • Champion Metal Flake Gator (Flat Topped)
  • I-Dye Champion TeeBird
  • R-Pro XDs

along with something classic and something new:

  • DX Roc (it's a classic, but not actually a classic, and if that makes sense, you know your Rocs)
  • XT Colt (something new)

These are all available now for pre-order through the store, easy access to the full selection from the homepage.

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