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Vibram Trak Glow (OOP)

Vibram Disc Golf

SOLD OUT - Vibram Trak Glow (OOP)


Vibram's second fairway driver, the Trak, is the stable complement to the Ascent. The Trak is suitable to slower arm speeds as well as the big arms. It flies straight and true right out of the box. Be prepared to be surprised at how easy it is to get it on a long straight line.

This disc can handle some power and hold a nice long anny line with a small fade back at the end of its flight.

All Vibram discs are rubber and essentially unique, X-Link Glow rubber is primarily off-white but contains confetti like specks of assorted colours.

It is said that Vibram's glow composition is slightly softer than Medium. Vibram glow is produced annually close to Halloween, and sells out every year, so is not widely available.



Tags: Fairway Driver Glow OOP Opaque Rubber Stable Vibram X-Link X-Link Glow

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