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Innova Tern Glow Champion


Innova Tern Glow Champion


The Innova Tern has been one of the most popular discs we carry since it was introduced, and we carry it in all it's assorted flavours. Many players find that it does in fact give them greater distance.

For more information on the Tern you can check out a review by one of our Sponsored Player's Dan Laitsch. The review does not specifically review the Pro plastic version (as it did not exist at the time).

Like the name, this disc has natural turn. Similar to the Archon, the Tern is a fast slightly understable disc that is designed for long shot shaping throws. In the hands of a powerful player, it just may be one of the farthest flying discs due to the long glide and natural turn. The Champion Tern flight numbers reflect a more stable flight.

Factory Seconds are cosmetically flawed discs that will fly just like their normal full price counterpart. The advantage of Factory Seconds is that you get the same disc for less money.

Given that until recently glow discs were only available in their normal "off-white" colouring, the colour for this disc applies to the stamp foil colour and not the disc colour.

Speed: 12
Glide: 6

Diameter: 21.1 cm

Rim Width: 2.3 cm

Available Plastics:


  • Star: 165-175g
  • GStar: 165-175g
  • StarLite: 130-159g
  • EchoStar: 165-175g
  • Champion: 160-175g
  • Pro: 165-175g

    Best Choice for: Shot Shaping Driver, Great Glide, Out of the Box Roller

    Date of Approval: 12/03/12



    Tags: Champion Driver Glow Glow Champion Translucent Understable

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