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Innova KC Aviar Coloured Glow Pro - Halloween Glow Dubs


SOLD OUT - Innova KC Aviar Coloured Glow Pro - Halloween Glow Dubs


You set out in the dark, the basket glows eerily in the fog ahead, you set for your putt... as they begin to shamble towards you. Zombie assault on hole 9!

Another beautiful stamp by Michael Ramanauskas of DoubleRam Disc. These were produced for the Annual Halloween Glow Dubs event, and are available now for pre-order, expected arrival at the Disc Cellar: Oct 14.

These Coloured Glow KC-Pro Aviars are tournament fundraiser models (TFR) from Innova and are not available as regular stock discs, making them both harder to find and more collectable.

Coloured Glow discs typically come in pastel colours that glow, this differs from the traditional off-white, greenish yellow of traditional glow discs.

Only 10 are available, 76 total discs across all moulds with this stamp.

Art by Michael Ramanauskas - sponsored player for Team Disc Cellar and owner of - Custom designs for disc golf.

Images displayed are mock-ups of what we expect the final product to look like and are not pictures of the actual discs.

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