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Innova Roc [Rancho] (DCO 2014) Glow KC-Pro


Innova Roc [Rancho] (DCO 2014) Glow KC-Pro


Innova Glow KC-Pro discs are mostly reserved for their Tournament Fundraising Program (TFR), and consequently are often difficult to find, and are generally only available with some sort of custom tournament stamp. The DCO 2014 stamp is for the The Disc Cellar Open 2014, April 12/13 PDGA B-Tier event at Robert Burnaby Disc Golf Course and Mundy Park, hosted by the Disc Cellar.

The KC-Pro plastic is an extra firm blend considered a step up from the baseline DX plastic, and the KC is the firmest of the Pro line plastics. 

The Innova Roc midrange is available in all sorts of flavours, this particular Glow KC-Pro Roc uses the Rancho Roc mold (other Roc models include: Ontario, San Marino, Roc3, VRoc, Roc+).

Given that until recently glow discs were only available in their normal "off-white" colouring, the colour for this disc applies to the stamp foil colour and not the disc colour.

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