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Innova Colt XT - First Run


SOLD OUT - Innova Colt XT - First Run


The First Run Star Colt! These are the collectible First Run with the coveted Innova Protostar stamp, there are also regular stock stamped Colts in stock which work just as well on the course, but are available at regular prices. 

The Colt is a new V-Tech putter with a flatter profile designed for driving, approaching and of course, putting. It uses a shallow rim to cut through the air. The V-Tech nose provides excellent torque resistance for throwing the Colt hard or soft, with similar turn and fade. Dave Dunipace calls it "THE GREAT EQUALIZER" because anyone can benefit from the unique flight characteristics of the Colt.

The Colt is a low profile small diameter putt and approach disc similar to our XD or Classic Roc. It is a fairly straight flyer, that can also perform well for slow turnover shots that don't come crashing back. The Colt is a VTech design, which provides extra torque resistance making it suitable for sidearm and windy play.

Speed: 3
Glide: 3
Turn: -1
Fade: 1

Diameter: 21.2 cm
Rim Width: 1.1 cm

Available Plastics:

  • Star: 165-175g
  • GStar: 165-175g
  • XT: 165-175g
  • DX: 150-175g
  • Best Choice for: Straight approaches, Long putts, Technical upshots

    Date of Approval: 05/28/15

    These First Run XT Colt are treated as collector discs and ship in a Crystal Clear Collector Storage Bag.

    Tags: Beaded Collectable First Run Innova Opaque Prototype Putter Star

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