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Discmania MD3 Colour Glow C-Line - Eagle McMahon signature "Crowned Eagle"


Discmania MD3 Colour Glow C-Line - Eagle McMahon signature "Crowned Eagle"


The newest version of the Glow MD3 is here just in time to begin the fall tour season. These bad boys feature a gentle dome in the middle of the disc and are more overstable than our previous run of glows. Paired with the grip and durability of glow C-Line plastic, these MD3's will put up with just about anything you can muster. Compared to our original run of domey glow MD3 and the flatter run we made last year, these will find a comfy place right in between the two. Even if you happen to torque your shot over just a bit too much, they will always work their way back to a nice soft finish. Check out what's in store for you and help Eagle keep his season going strong!

Speed: 5
Glide: 5
Turn: 0
Fade: 2

Designed with the power players in mind, the MD3 can handle a lot of power without flexing and always comes back down with a dependable fade. Great reliable midrange for all conditions. Compared to the Discmania hit midrange MD2, the MD3 is more stable both in high and in low speed. Grab yourself a pair – we bet you won’t be playing without one, once you’ve tried this out!

"The Glow C-line Glow MD3 is the best flying and feeling midrange I have ever thrown. Out of the box, it has a reliable overstable fade. Once beaten in, it will cover virtually every midrange shot in the books. The MD3 is perfect for players of all different skill and power levels. If I had to play a round with one disc, it would be the MD3." - Eagle McMahon.

Check out what Simon Lizotte has to say about the MD3:
"The MD3 is somewhat comparable to the MD2 by it's feel in the hand, but that is where the comparison ends. The MD3 is more overstable, which makes it great for headwind shots and good for any kind of hyzer throws because of its reliable fade at the end of the flight. At max weight this disc is a great choice for players who throw harder and have faster arm speeds. The MD3 is a perfect addition for every player's bag." 

A significant part of the proceeds of this disc will be used to support Eagle's touring.

Glow C-line Eagle McMahon MD3's are treated as collector discs and ship in a Collector Storage Bag.

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