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Disc Golf Starter Pack


Disc Golf Starter Pack

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The Disc Golf Starter Pack consists of 3 discs, a mini and a small bag and makes a great gift. We often talk people out of buying starter packs because in truth you only need one disc, but they often ignore us and buy multiple discs to start with.

Each starter pack will consists of a small bag suitable for carrying at least 6 discs (generally up to 8-12) which will come with a shoulder strap, and will probably have a bottle holder. Small bags do not have significant amounts of additional storage and are not compatible with backpack straps.

In addition you will receive 3 discs. You will have three choices:

  1. Two putters (same) and one midrange
  2. Two putters (different) and one midrange
  3. One putter, one midrange and one fairway or regular driver

Discs will generally be straight to understable discs in baseline plastics suitable for newer players. We recommend the two putter option as it makes putting practice easier, and also gives you a putter to lend a friend when you go golfing (the one disc everyone should have is a putter).

Until you develop proper Disc Golf technique you will not receive significant additional distance from drivers and their flight characteristics make them harder to control.

This starter pack is available in three weights:

  1. Ultra Light: suitable for children or adults with no "frisbee" experience, limited athletic experience or slower arm speeds. You may out grow these discs quickly, but you'll learn faster and develop better technique at the beginning if this weight is appropriate for you.
  2. 150 Class: this is suitable for all players: young, old and in between. If you have limited arm speed, snap/spin or experience these discs will be easier to control and throw. This is generally a safe starting point for most people, if you find you don't have the power for these discs you can step down to Ultra Light, if you have more power you can either go with more stable discs, or heavier ones.
  3. Regular discs: these are discs between 160-180g, although in a starter pack they will mostly be between 165-172g. If you've been borrowing discs and it's time for your own, you've probably been throwing discs in this weight range. If you have an Ultimate or other disc sport background starting here would be fine. The most popular discs and biggest variety are available in this weight range, but that doesn't mean it's appropriate for you.

Pack will not be as pictured and will be created out of in stock bags and discs.

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