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Innova Colt XT - BC Provincials 2015


SOLD OUT - Innova Colt XT - BC Provincials 2015

$9.99 $14.99

Once again the Disc Cellar along with Innova are bringing you your custom stamped Provincials commemorative disc. With artwork by Michael Ramanauskas of Washline.

The XT Colt is the newest Innova Putt and Approach disc in their newest plastic. The Colt is a low profile, narrow depth putt and approach disc. They compare it to the XD and the Classic Roc. The Colt is incorporates Innova's VTech design which is intended to provide extra torque resistance, specifically they say that makes it suitable for forehand use and in windy conditions.

Overall the disc is supposed to be fairly straight, Innova rates it as 3, 4, -1, 1.

The image included here is the artwork as submitted, the actual final stamped product may not look exactly as pictured. As the discs have been ordered but have not yet arrived, you will be provided with less specific options, as we will not know exact product specifications until the discs are received (which will be just prior to Provincials).

In per-ordering you guarantee yourself one of these discs. If time allows these discs may ship to you (if you choose a shipped option) prior to Provincials, but as timelines are tight, these may not be shipped until after Provincials, in either case if you are travelling to Provincials it is unlikely that a shipped disc will arrive in your hands before the event. At checkout there is a "pick-up at Provincials" shipping option, it is free and the ordered disc will be put aside for you for pick-up at The Disc Cellar mobile store at Provincials.

By purchasing this disc you are helping to support Provincials and Disc Golf in BC.

Projected arrival date of discs is 17 Sept 2015.

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